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We put our bodies through a lot of work each and every day. What we forget is that our skin is there to experience every bit of that! What we put into and onto our bodies and affects our skin’s overall health. It’s important to acknowledge that and take better care of our skin!

These are the leading skin saving apps in their own categories: sun protection, diet, water consumption, sleep and skin cancer prevention.


Sun Protection

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App: Solar Screen

Purpose: To protect your skin from excess UV radiation

Cost: Free – $0.99

Available: iOS and Android

The Buzz: Too much UV radiation can cause visible damage to our skin, from wrinkles to sunburn and even cancer. This app is a must-have if sunburn, premature skin aging and cancer are things you’re worried about. Download the app for free and set alerts for your own skin’s needs. Solar Screen will notify you when the UV radiation goes above a limit that you set, wherever you are. You can also set reminders to reapply sunscreen. No cost and nothing but five star reviews.



calorie counter and diet tracker

App: Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Purpose: Keep track of what you’re eating

Cost: Free

Available: iOS and Android

The Buzz: We’ve all heard it, “You are what you eat.” Well, it’s true. What we eat affects our body, even our skin. Certain foods can help or hurt our skin’s overall health and appearance. This app can help prevent early skin aging by tracking what you eat. Enter your daily food input and set goals to eat healthier. This is one of the top-ranked diet and skin saving apps on the App Store with an average 4.5/5 stars.



Water Consumption

App: Plant Nanny

Plant Nannt

Purpose: Make sure your body is getting the hydration it needs

Cost: Free

Available: iOS and Android

The Buzz: Staying hydrated will give you healthy, happy skin while keeping toxins out.  It is important for us to drink enough water throughout the day – every day. This app is a fun way to remind users to stay hydrated! It links the water you drink during the day with a friendly ‘lil cyber-plant that you have to water. If you have enough water during the day, so does the plant. If you don’t get enough, your plant dies. This might seem morbid but it is a great visual reminder that we NEED water. This app has over 5,000 ratings for an average 4.5/5 stars. It is a fantastic way to keep your skin young.




App: Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

Purpose: Wake up naturally and develop good sleep cycles

Cost: $0.99

Available: iOS and Android

The Buzz: Without proper sleep we can speed up our skin’s natural aging process, resulting in bags under our eyes and wrinkles in our skin. Sleep deprivation will also worsen current skin conditions, such as acne. Sleep Cycle looks to help you get the sleep you need by tracking your REM cycles and waking you up at the right time, so you feel rested and refreshed. You will also start to develop great sleeping habits by using this app, helping you feel happy and healthy. Over 3,000 reviews and an average 5/5 star rating, download this app and start some good habits! 


Early Detection – Skin Cancer

App: MySkinPal

Sun Safety

Purpose: Mole tracking and analysis

Cost: $2.99

Available: iOS and Android

The Buzz: With this app, you can take pictures of worrisome moles and monitor their growth. The idea is to take a picture every week/month/however long to see if your mole is changing in shape or size. The pictures don’t go anywhere and are not shared unless you choose to share your mole history with a doctor. There aren’t very many reviews, but the majority that do exist are positive. Seems like a safe and inexpensive option!


Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the top skin saving technologies only a heartbeat away from your next keystrokes. One life. One skin. Protect yours today.

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