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The Solar Screen App monitors the intensity of the sun and alerts you to UV changes via an easy to understand color changing icon.

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The Solar Screen App

The intensity of the sun light hitting the earth is changing constantly, and as we go about our day we encounter different strengths of solar radiation on our skin. Solar Screen allows you to see just how intense the solar radiation is on a scale from 1-11. A small sun icon will change color from green to red allowing you to quickly identify how intense the sun light is in your current location. Solar Screen will send you a notice when the suns strength is above a preset limit you set based on your own skins needs.

Solar Screen will also remind you when it’s time to re-apply your sun screen, allowing you to stay protected and reduce your chances of developing skin cancer.

Protect your skin with Solar Screen – coming soon to Android devices.

Key Features

UV monitoring

SolarScreen keeps you informed on the intensity of the sun.


Don’t get burned again with timed reminders to re-apply sunscreen.

Smartwatch ready

The app is optimized for all Android smart watches.

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